Hygiene is a fundamental requirement for the food and drink industry so any product or process that helps to achieve this must be welcomed. If those same products can also save money in the process then there is an additional incentive for their adoption.

The sole reason for the introduction of smooth bodied stainless steel hygienic motors and gearboxes was to promote greater hygiene and facilitate more efficient cleaning operations in food applications. Stainless steel offers good resistance cleaning chemicals, while a smooth bodied design leaves no areas for potential material build-up, helping to minimise the risks of product contamination. In addition, with an IP66 ingress protection rating units can be pressure hose cleaned without the worry of motor failure as a result. Such a design avoids all the problems associated with traditional painted motors. There are no cooling fins to harbour potential contaminants, no peeling paint, no hand cleaning operations, need for bagging etc! According to Brian Bannister, motor specialist at Lafert Electric Motors, installations of stainless steel motors have achieved savings of thousands of pounds. “One case involving just two stainless steel motors saved a company over £4,000 in engineering costs alone in one year resulting directly from motor failure and subsequent maintenance. Savings on lost production avoided were significant and over and above that figure,” he said. “As a sponsor of Appetite for Engineering we are really looking forward to discussing the topic of hygiene with delegates at the event. WE are also able to offer advice about new energy efficiency legislations in more detail so please to do come and talk to us if you are attending the event. There is a real need to share technical knowledge for the better good of the production plants, the major retailers and the consumers alike and the Appetite for Engineering offers an ideal platform to do just that,” concludes Bannister.


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